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Immunization rate higher than many areas, but “Blue Collar suburb” hit hard right now. Boarding (admitted patients waiting for a hospital room) 75% of our ED rooms right now.

Treated CHF & NSTEMI’s (critically ill) in the waiting room last shift.

“Beds” are only part of the issue.  Available staff a bigger issue.  As those that now fill in with overtime get burned out, the horizon looks even worse.

Almost no CoVid patients being seen who are vaccinated.  Like most spots, the sick admits are universally unvaccinated.  Most, regrettably, once they are sick…and they are surrounded by contacts also unvaccinated.

And those admitted have extraordinarily long lengths of stay (hospital stay).  Surprised to know no one wants to take them at discharge (home, shelters, nursing homes)?

As the system backs up, we aren’t as bad as many other areas I hear about.  But not good. The vaccine is still the only way out of this I foresee.

Prayers with everyone.

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