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It’s a mess. We had 3 deaths in the ED that I am aware of in the last 24 hours of non-vaccinated people. One 30 yo, a 40 yo and a 55 yo. We are having serious problems off loading EMS patients (finding room for ambulance patients). Stroke and STEMI (heart attack) alerts have been delayed in their care because of the system overload. Our ICUs are nearly full and the CCM(Critical Care Medicine) staff is really stretched thin.  One of our biggest problems is the lack of nursing staff in the ED, ICU and ORs. In the first wave when volumes were down many were furloughed or incentivized to retire to avoid the labor costs while revenues were down. Now they are gone and not available to rehire. Staff continue to leave either from burnout or more commonly to go to a higher paying job elsewhere.The inane conversations we have with unvaccinated patients are mind numbing. We offer free on the spot vaccinations to all our ED patients and whomever is with them. Despite the obvious carnage in front of them they mostly don’t want it for a variety of nonsensical reasons.

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