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We are surging again but this time we have critical nursing shortages. The ICU has spilled into PACU. ORs have been severely reduced to emergent cases only. Just received word that we have 0 Pediatric ICU beds left in the state and we have very limited Pediatric capabilities.

The mental and emotional drain is hitting hard. Being in the area I’m in I obviously deal with many COVID deniers and deal with belligerent patients every shift. Had a COVID patient berate me last night for having a “I’m vaccinated” sticker my facility requires on my badge. He accused me of being a “GMO Human” since I received the vaccine, while he struggled to breathe.

The part that is draining me the most though is the incredibly high number of EMS and Nurses that have refused to vaccinate here and some EMS even refusing to wear an N95 when transporting COVID patients. For the first time in my career I absolutely lost it on a medic for not wearing PPE and transporting a KNOWN COVID patient that I had to intubate on arrival. We are so critically staffed for EMS that my partner that’s the medical director is concerned that if he starts chastising those not following his policies that we could lose even more staff. Never in my career did I think I would encounter anything like this. Our scribes are all quitting because the 9.50/hr ain’t worth it and I don’t blame them!

Worst of all is my kids are too young to vaccinate and are headed back to school as likely the only kids in class that will mask. We tried homeschooling last year and failed miserably. I’m terrified for my kids safety but equally worried about their mental health if they don’t get some socialization…

I see a location change coming for me in the near future if not a career change all together.

Stay safe out there and protect yourselves

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