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Steps: (right handed)

  • Left hand stabilizes thyroid cartilage (1)
  • Left index rests over cricothyroid membrane (A)
  • Right hand #10 scalpel makes vertical incision over entire cricothyroid area (3cm)
  • Left index finger palpates for cricothyroid membrane
  • Right hand #10 scalpel makes horizontal incision through crycothyroid membrane
  • Left index finger goes in hole (insert bougie if using one)
  • Place 6.0 endotracheal tube into hole (or slide over bougie)
  • Secure tube


(1)Thyroid cartilage

(2)Cricothyroid membrane

(3)Cricoid cartilage


(A) Cricothyrotomy site, through the median cricothyroid ligament

(B) Tracheostomy site


Excellent discussion and video demonstration here: Emergency Medicine Cases

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