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School Temperature Survey

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There is very little data available about the utility of daily temperature and symptom screening for COVID-19. Schools have been operating since last fall with daily temperature and symptom screening apps, stations, and attestations from parents. This survey seeks to collect that data, and publicly report it anonymously. The goal is to ascertain the effectiveness of daily temperature checks in screening for COVID-19.


To date, the survey includes:

  • 1556 children, screened daily
  • 277 staff and parents, screened daily
  • 640 total days of screening

School grade levels included:

  • 36% Preschool
  • 21% Kindergarten
  • 16% Elementary school
  • 16% Middle school
  • 11% High school

Survey Results

Participating schools reported

  • 182,440 temperature screenings in children
  • 35,620 temperature screenings in adults

There were no cases of COVID-19 detected. Additionally, there were only 2 elevated temperatures detected, but neither resulted in a positive COVID-19 test. Despite the temperature screening results, 10% of participating schools had cases of COVID-19 among students and staff within the school.


Based on these results, it is clear that screening of asymptomatic children and adults for the presence of elevated temperature is not effective in detecting cases of COVID-19. Resources devoted to this practice are better used elsewhere.

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