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Jennifer Jones, Founder Green Ivy Schools

I am the founder of two NYC international private schools, and these are the 23rd and 24th schools in my career. I represent an executive team of 7 as well as hundreds of families with children ranging in age from 2 to 8th Grade.  We have had the tremendous pleasure of working with Dr. Ashoo since May of 2020 as he supported both of our schools with COVID-related expertise. This has been invaluable during a time when there are hundreds of questions schools must answer that they have never faced before. Dr. Ashoo’s clear, scientifically-based guidance has made all the difference in our ability to lead our communities forward with confidence and to know that we are taking measures to ensure optimal safety for all of our constituents. It has been an added blessing to experience Dr. Ashoo’s human warmth and the power of insight he has as a parent of 3.  His strong, warm, reassuring presence and direct engagement with our parents during multiple Zoom webinars and extended Q&A has been game-changing in stabilizing and mobilizing our entire community. What’s more, having Dr. Ashoo’s support in the day-to-day fluctuations of news, science and politics surrounding COVID-19 has helped our team maintain a steady course and know when and how to pivot.  I cannot recommend his support highly enough for any institution, but especially those serving children and their families.