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Our Mission

Learn EM (formerly Admin EM) exists to teach the world about emergency medicine and support those who practice it. The website is made up of:

Emergency Medicine Blog

The blog contains discussions of all aspects of the field. Current post categories include:

  • Analytics : The use of data visualization to inform the practice of emergency medicine, the administration of emergency departments, and the improve public health awareness.
  • Cases : Teaching cases to assist those who practice clinical medicine.
    • [De-identification is undertaken utilizing the Safe Harbor method described by the US Department of Health and Human Services : Health Information Privacy (HHS.gov) All remaining patient information required for teaching purposes has been altered to maintain this standard.]
  • Christianity In Medicine : A series on the Christian perspective in emergency medicine.
  • Deep Dive : Longer posts focused on a single clinical entity.
  • ED Administration : Posts related to the practice administration and physician health.
  • Patient Flow : Posts related to the improvement of emergency department performance.

Rapid Reference

These notes comprise my personal references. New notes are added frequently. Feel free to use them at the bedside in the emergency department. Please remember that they are not substitutions for your clinical judgement. If you see any errors or have requests for specific topics, please leave a comment or use the contact form.

Founder / Owner: Sam Ashoo, MD

Sam is board certified in emergency medicine and clinical informatics. He is also the host of EB Medicine’s podcast “EMplify”. He is passionate about patient care, teaching, and process improvement. His experience includes:

  • Clinical: Over 16 years working in emergency departments.
  • Academic: Instruction of residents, medical students, and paramedics.
  • Administrative: Work as a medical director, consultant, and chief medical officer.

More information about his background and experience can be found here.

Interested In Writing?

If you practice emergency medicine or have an interest in teaching any of the varied subjects within the field, there is room for you here! Use the contact form to reach us.