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The Mission

The mission field is not a far away place. It is all around us, at work, in our neighborhoods, and among our friends. Many of us have been taught to put our religious beliefs aside when at work. We are told that the workplace is not a place of religion, that such beliefs bring conflict, make others uncomfortable, and encroach upon the “freedom” of others by showing less “tolerance” for their beliefs. I could not disagree more.

Faith is the core of a Christian. As followers of Jesus, our belief shapes who we are and is what we use to measure all else. Our culture, our habits, our politics, our opinions, our hobbies, our passion, and our very existence is measured by it. This makes our Christianity relevant to every aspect of our life. Suppressing it is suppressing who we are and why we exist. Sharing it does not lead to intolerance. In fact, quite the opposite is seen. Sharing our faith brings compassion and discussion of truth and purpose in a deep and meaningful way. This is especially true in medicine. We find ourselves confronting human mortality daily. Tragedy, trauma, cancer, and life threatening illness are a daily part of work in medicine. It is a daily reminder of what we are … “You are dust, and to dust you shall return” Gen 3:19.

Several years ago, while at a meeting, a co-worker glanced at a water bottle I was using with a scripture imprinted on it. She turned to me and said “I did not know that about you?”. Confused I asked, “Didn’t know what?”, “That” she replied as she pointed to the scripture, and then the meeting began. It was a simple statement with a clear conviction. I am a Christian, yet this person who had worked alongside me for sometime was completely unaware of it. Where was my faith? What was my focus? Where was the outward display of my inner beliefs. Nonexistent.

This portion of Admin EM is devoted to Christianity in medicine. It is a place for open discussion of our weaknesses, how the Christian faith restores us, relevant scripture, and a place for reflection. I sincerely hope you find Jesus’ presence here, and strength to share him in the mission field.


2 thoughts on “The Mission

  1. What an interesting time to have found your site! I’m reading Being Called Chaplain by Stacy Sergent. I’ve been increasingly struggling with my faith, so I relate to Stacy’s internal conflicts.

    Although I’m excited residency begins soon, the thought of going through it with wobbly faith worries me. Hopefully, I’ll continue to come upon gems as needed, like I have to this site. Thank you for creating this space. I pray it is everything God intends.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Residency is a challenge indeed. The biggest obstacle to my faith during that time was distraction. As I focused everything on learning, there was little time for reflection, and prayer. But you are already ahead of the game by recognizing the struggle. There are many biblical examples of those who prayed for stronger faith and the work the God performed through them. I hope this space continues to serve as a safe place for that kind of reflection.


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